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Tekno Valves North America is the authorized sales agent for WEH compressed gas quick connectors throughout the US. The partnership allows us to better serve our customers by having the highest quality products that make filling cylinders safer and more efficient.

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Tekno Valves North America was formed in 2009 to market Tekno Valves throughout the North American Compressed Gas industry.

Our core values are providing unrivaled customer service, prompt delivery, technical support, and competitive pricing to our customers. Today, Tekno Valves North America is the largest distributor of Tekno Valves globally

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We stock and sell cylinder valves for a wide variety of applications. These applications require different sealing mechanisms, operating mechanisms, materials of construction, flow, and pressure ratings. Products are classified under each application as per valve series representing a range of valves that share common statutory approval, design standard, materials, and performance characteristics.

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Design Features

What is the difference between meeting and exceeding? Between complying and outstanding? Between satisfactory and high quality?

The difference is in the core values, mindset, and details. These differences are perfectly reflected in how we design and build our Gas Cylinder Valves. We are pleased to showcase some design features which make our cylinder valves stand out from others because, Your Safety Is Valued.

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Design Testing of Cylinder Valves

Compressed gases shipped in cylinders vary in their chemical composition and properties. Some are oxidizers, some are flammables, some are inerts etc. Gases vary in degrees of corrosivity, toxicity, and pressure and exist not only in the pure state but also in a variety of mixtures. It is a primary requirement of the cylinder valve that it must be suitable for its intended use for public safety.

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