A Great Eye to the Future for the Gas Industry

             September 29th, 2020 marked the end of the joint Young & Emerging Professionals Summit by CGA/GAWDA and Weldcoa.  Our own Justin Guitreau was a panelist on the final session titled “Leveraging CGA & GAWDA Participation” along with Abydee Butler Moore (Butler Gas Products), Anu George (Air Liquide), Zach Fowler (Praxair Distribution Inc., a member of Linde), and James Reebel (Air Products & Chemicals).  There were a lot of great takeaways from the seminar with the great presentation and strong panelist views about the positive future for the gas industry as a whole and for the continued CGA and GAWDA support.  The strongest message unanimously voiced from this panel was involvement and communication.  “Get involved in any of CGA’s numerous committees to learn as much as you can.”  “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  This industry is a close-knit group of individuals who just want to see everyone succeed.”  These were just some of the messages received by those in attendance yesterday.   Another great takeaway was the push for knowledge transfer within the industry.  There are a lot of young professionals coming into this industry that are eager to learn everything they can.  Justin added; “Fostering an environment where the people involved in CGA and GAWDA are actively seeking out young professionals within the industry and within their company to pass along their knowledge would be a great focus for the future.  Encourage the youth of member companies to find time to get involved and see the events as a learning opportunity.”

You can follow the posts below or see the LinkedIn profiles of everyone involved in the panel.