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Handwheel operated compression packed valve with o-ring seal


Handwheel Operated Compression Packed Cylinder Valves with O-ring Seal

• Valves meet EN ISO 10297:2017 & CGA V-9:2019
• Valves are certified by BAM to European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) & available with π mark

key operated carbon steel valve with a packed design certified to CGA V-9 standard offered in Tekno Valves' catalog of products.

CST-06 CGA V-9

Key Operated Carbon Steel Cylinder Valves in Packed Design

• Valves meet CGA V-9:2019, tested by BAM

CAV-06 P17

Key Operated Valves in Standard Chlorine Institute Packed Design

• Valves meet performance requirements of Pamphlet 17 of the Chlorine Institute (CI)
• Valves meet CGA V-9:2019
• Cylinder valve compatible with CI Emergency Kit A
• Ton container valve compatible with CI Emergency Kit B


Fuse Plugs for Tonners

1/2-14 NPT Thread Adapter

1/4-18 NPT Thread Adapter

Yoke Assembly


Fuse Plugs for Cylinders

Seat Cutter

Seat Depth Gauge

Valve Seat/Stem Combination Gauge